League Schedule

Last updated at 1:04 p.m. on the 22nd February 2022

Below you can find the league schedule for both indoors and outdoors over the coming 2021-21 academic year. A Google Calendar feed that you can subscribe to that also contains this information can be found here.

The UKSAA also maintains a calendar for all student archery events in the UK, including national-level tournaments run by BUCS and BUTC. This calendar can be found on the UKSAA website.

B.U.T.T.S. League 2021-22 Season Starts 1st October 2021

B.U.T.T.S. Leg 1 (De Montfort, Loughborough) - 21st November 2021

Part 1 hosted by De Montfort

Attending clubs: De Montfort, Warwick, Cambridge

Part 2 hosted by Loughborough

Attending clubs: Loughborough, Oxford, Derby

B.U.T.T.S. Leg 1 (Nottingham) - 28th November 2021

Hosted by Nottingham

Attending clubs: Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Birmingham


B.U.T.T.S. Leg 2 (Nottingham Trent) - 15th January 2022

Hosted by Nottingham Trent

Attending clubs: Nottingham Trent, Derby, De Montfort

B.U.T.T.S. Leg 2 (Warwick) - 22nd January 2022

Hosted by Warwick

Attending clubs: Warwick, Nottingham, Cambridge

B.U.T.T.S. Leg 2 (Oxford) - 23rd January 2022

Hosted by Oxford

Attending clubs: Oxford, Loughborough, Birmingham

Div 2 B.U.T.T.S Leg 1 - 29th January 2022

Hosted by Leicester

Attending clubs: Leicester, Northampton, Coventry, Lincoln

B.U.T.T.S. Leg 3 (Derby) - 5th February 2022

Hosted by Derby

Attending clubs: Derby, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent

B.U.T.T.S. Leg 3 (Cambridge, Birmingham) - 6th February 2022

Part 1 hosted by Cambridge

Attending clubs: Cambridge, De Montfort, Loughborough

Part 2 hosted by Birmingham

Attending clubs: Birmingham, Warwick, Oxford

Div 2 B.U.T.T.S. Leg 2 - 12th February 2022

Hosted by Coventry

Attending clubs: Coventry, Northampton, Lincoln, Leicester

Div 2 B.U.T.T.S. Leg 3 - 5th March 2022

Hosted by Northampton

Attending clubs: Northampton, Lincoln, Leicester, Coventry

B.U.T.T.S. Indoor Championships - 12th March 2022

Hosted by Loughborough

Attending clubs: All division 1 and 2 clubs

B.U.T.T.S. Field Champs - 15th May 2022

Hosted by Loughborough

Attending clubs: All division 1 and 2 clubs

B.U.T.T.S. League 2021-22 Season Ends