B.U.T.T.S. Outdoors 2019

Posted 24/05/2019 by David Richardson

B.U.T.T.S. Outdoors 2019 was hosted on the 18th of May by Loughborough on the Bowmen of Glen's archery range just outside of Leicester. With archers from 9 clubs across both divisions of B.U.T.T.S., it was one of the most diverse outdoor shoots in the league to date.

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Warwick and Birmingham both arrived at the shoot as experienced and novice indoor title winners (respectively), looking to keep that winning momentum going into the outdoor season. The battle for the novice trophy was between Birmingham and Cambridge, two clubs who traded blows throughout indoors in the novice category. Ultimately, Birmingham's novice team bested Cambridge with a total score of 2903 to Cambridge's 2606 - a difference of 297 points. Birmingham's novice team score was also the first of several league records to fall at this year's outdoor champs, beating the previous record of Warwick's 2809 that was set in 2013. The team consisted of:

  • Yang Ma - 814
  • Chung-Ning Yang - 773
  • Zinan Ni - 673
  • Eloise Evans - 643

UBAC, winners of the Outdoors Novice Trophy

Image credit: David Richardson

Image credit: David Richardson

In the experienced category, Warwick and Birmingham battled it out. Birmingham were the winners of the 2018 outdoors championships and swept up 2nd place at every indoor fixture this year. Warwick looked to reclaim the outdoor trophy following a clean-sweep of golds and a 40/40 point win for the just-passed indoor season. This clash of two of the UK's best student archery clubs took ended up with 3 league records falling (2 of them being new all-universities records too):

  • William Pike - 860 (St. George/Recurve),
  • Rebekah Tipping - 885 (Albion/Recurve),
  • Experienced Team - 3324
    • William Pike - 860
    • Sarah Allaway - 840
    • Hannah Burnage - 818
    • James Gardner - 806

With both sides trading putting in massive individual scores, the winner at the end of the day was Warwick, beating Birmingham's 3150 with a combined team score of 3324 (team is listed above). The full set of scores for the day can be found on TamlynScore.

UWAC and the B.U.T.T.S. Outdoors Experienced Trophy

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Individual achievements over the shoot were plentiful as well. Heidi Morris (Loughborough) set a new league record for the Windsor shooting barebow with a score of 508. 2 gold badges were given out to Ellie Jones (Oxford) and Sarah Allaway (Warwick). To add to all of this, many individuals also qualified for BUCS in just over a fortnight's time.

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In line with previous years, the league held its AGM post-shoot as well. At this meeting a brief overview of the happenings and achievements of the league was given. A summary of the accounts for the year was provided, and the proposal to promote DMU from div. 2 to div. 1 was discussed and approved. Tim Jackson was voted in as the new League Organiser for the coming 2019-20 academic year.

It's been a pleasure being League Organiser for the past year and I wish Tim the best of luck for the year ahead - it's easy wrangling 8 clubs, let alone 9 with a new hosting format!

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B.U.T.T.S. AGM 2019 Minutes

Chair: David Richardson (League Organiser).

Clubs present: Birmingham, Cambridge, Coventry (Div. 2), Derby (via. Phone), De Montfort (Div. 2), Loughborough, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Oxford, Warwick,

Other members present: William Pike (Warwick), Tim Jackson (Warwick).


  1. Summary of the year's achievements
  2. The accounts
  3. League proposals
  4. The next League Organiser

Summary of the Year

DR goes over the year's achievements. Notably: 50% of the medals haul at BUCS indoors, 3/4 teams on the podium at BUTC, over 10 league/all unis records broken indoors and outdoors so far. The new website was built and has gone live.

The Accounts

Overall the league has spent £1484.41 and had an income of £1677.70 (A surplus of £193.29). A breakdown is as follows:


  • £800 in league fees
  • £261.70 balance carried forward
  • £216 B.U.T.T.S. Outdoors entry fees
  • £100+ in B.U.T.T.S. Badge sales
  • £300+ in cash (change/notes for badge selling)


  • £130 on TamlynScore
  • £448.65 on medals and the B.U.T.T.S. Field Team Shield
  • £153.12 on web hosting & admin
  • £195.00 on B.U.T.T.S. Badges
  • £17.64 on postage (to/from League Organiser and Proxy)
  • £230 on boss hire for B.U.T.T.S. Indoors
  • £310 on field & boss hire for B.U.T.T.S. Outdoors


TJ and DR worked on a proposal to promote DMU from Div. 2 to Div. 1 that was sent out to clubs before the AGM. The proposal's changes were:

  • Move DMU to Div. 1
  • Decrease the number of regular indoor 'legs' from 4 to 3
  • Increase the number of hosts per leg from 2 to 3
  • Decrease the number of clubs at each host from 4 to 3 (including host)

Concerns were raised about the capability for Div. 2 to organise their own legs. DR said that the organisation resources got a once-over with the new website and should help. There may also be space left at legs to invite Div. 2 teams to the already-organised Div. 1 legs as well. Questions about the timeline for team lists etc if this was to be done and DR answered that one possible way to solve it would be to set hard deadlines a few weeks in advance of each leg, but there may be better solutions.

DR asked clubs which term they would prefer a leg removed from. 5 Clubs voted in favour of term 2, and 3 in favour of term 1. Vote was indicative and to be used as a tool for the future League Organiser when planning the coming year's fixtures.

The Next League Organiser

DR received no nominations or manifestos prior to the AGM for people running for the position. Tim Jackson stepped forward to run for League Organiser, and DR was not going to run again. A vote was cast to elect him, with 8/8 clubs voting to elect Tim Jackson as the new League Organiser.

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