Update 07/05/07
Monday, 07 May 2007


Can be found HERE

Congratulations to all clubs for a successful and mostly smooth year. This marks a land mark year, as next year for the first time, the BUTT League expands, with Derby entering the mix; and with future BUSA endorsement a definite possibility, next year looks very exciting. Keep your eyes on the site during the next week or two for BUTTS Friendly Info (e-mail should be going out next weekend) and in the run up to next season for updates on format/rules to encorporate the changes fully.

Cambridge Results

Can be found HERE

Congrats to Cambridge who wrap up an academic leg with wins for both team, narrowly denying Warwick another point in the league by only 3 points. This leg saw a good turn out of alternative bow styles, resulting in the first Longbow Medal of the season, awarded to Matt Fletcher, and a new BUTTS League Novice Longbow Record for David Bebb and a  score of 122.

Update 02/05/07
Wednesday, 02 May 2007

QUICK NOTE: Any club wishing to join the BUTTS League next year, PLEASE contact me as soon as possible else it will not be possible to include you.

Oxford Results

now fully published HERE

Congratulations to Cambridge who again win both Team Categories again, giving them an unattainable lead in both categories. Birmingham squeak ahead of Nottingham again in 4th place, and it will come down to determine the final rankings of those two in the experienced category. Nottingham also have a chance to pinch 2nd place from Birmingham in Cambridge this Saturday with a good performance.

Also congratulations to Mark Henderson who broke the Barebow Experienced Male record by a staggering 50 points.  

More updates to come in the following month regarding the new format for next year and the inclusion of Derby.

Update 11/03/07
Sunday, 11 March 2007
Loughborough Results now available!

[Sorry about previous mistakes with names & genders, it was quite late when I was compiling the scores. Everything should be right now; thanks for letting me know. Changing had no effect on medals or teams. Many apologies if I got your gender wrong.]

Cambridge romp home with victories in both team events and a raft of medals. Most impressive was an Experience Team score in the 2250's just a week before BUSA.


Individual Male Recurve gold goes once again to Colin Greenes of Coventry University;  Female Recurve gold going to Lisa Crumpling. As such both top medals go to guests.


Comiserations to Oxford Novice team, who would have ranked 3rd but one of their novices failed to sign their score sheets, instead placing them 6th.

Congratulations to Phil Glover who beats his own compound record setting the bar at 590, just a couple of points short of the All Students Record.


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