Leg 4 2014/15 Update
Thursday, 02 April 2015

Leg 4.

At Birmingham a score of 580 was required to get on the Gents recurve podium, the top spot claimed by Alex Smith of Oxford, a point behind was Trent’s Rob Gray with Loughborough’s Arthur Coveney in third. Charlie Birch (Oxford) continued her winning ways in Ladies recurve ahead of NTU’s Amy Curnock and Oxford’s Elenore Cossade. Brum locked out the podium in Novice gents recurve, Munir Suleman lead from Ziqiang Gao and Ben Johnson. Once again Catherine Jackson, also Birmingham, lead from Alex Brady and Laura Hutchinson (both Loughborough) in novice Ladies recurve.

Loughborough’s Novice Harry Charlton comfortably won Compound gold, Harry Dean-Lofthouse won barebow once again.

At Cambridge, Maryia Karpiyevich and Karen Habermann took the top two places on home turf in Ladies recurve with Nottingham’s Sophie Goodwin in third. In gents recurve Tom Hall finished well clear of Tak Ho (Warwick and Cam. respectively). Derby’s Glen West finished 3rd.

In novice gents the podium consisted of Cambridge’s Alex Chen, Derby’s Damien Hayes and Warwick’s Aurelian Servatius. In novice ladies recurve, Lydia Sinnett-Smith (Cam.) won from Warwick’s Indigo Griffith and Derby’s Muesser Sirrin.

Warwick took gold in Barebow and Compound with Jasmine Grosso and James Edmonson. Derby’s Jake Morris won longbow gold.

Oxford Exp. and Birmingham Nov. finished top. Warwick and Birmingham lead entering the final round.

Leg 3 2014/15 Update
Thursday, 02 April 2015

Leg 3

At Warwick, in the gents recurve category. Rob Gray (Trent) snatched the top step of the podium from Tom Hall (Warwick) by 4 golds, whilst Tak Ho (Cam.) took third. In ladies recurve Maryia Karpiyevich (Cam.) lead from Maddie Meatyard(Warwick) and Amy Curnock(Trent). In novice gents recurve Birmingham dominated with Munir Suleman, David Jennings and Ziqiang Gao taking the first three spots. In Ladies recurve Cambridge’s Lydia Sinnett-Smith finished ahead of Trent’s Holly Bedford, and Brum’s Elissa Fleeming.

Warwick took three more golds with Jake Bellamy (Barebow ),Daniel Muhamad Bin Wahid (Longbow) and James Edmondson (Compound).

At Derby, Shaun Rhodes took the top step of the gents recurve podium for a home win, with Ciprian Zahan(Oxford) in second, Nottingham’s Richard Haydock took third on golds ahead of Lboro’s Louis Richardson. In Ladies recurve Oxford dominated, Charlie Birch won from Kirstie Smith(Not Classified, Guest) Amarylis Barton and Klara Fay.

Derby’s novice gents did well on home turf, James Green finished ahead of Billy Warford whilst Loughborough’s  Jonathan “Drama” Borrill took bronze. Loughborough’s Ladies just couldn’t beat Derby’s Muesser Sirin, with Alex Brady finishing a point behind and Laura Hutchinson 4 behind that.

Neira Miljkovic produced another home win in compound with Tom Fox (Notts.) taking longbow gold. Harry Dean-Lofthouse took Barebow gold for Loughborough.

Once again Warwick experienced and Birminham Novices extend their leads at the top of the tables.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 April 2015 )
Leg 2 2014/15 Update
Thursday, 02 April 2015

Leg 2

At the Trent leg Oxford’s Ciprian Zahan and Alex Smith took first and second ahead of Trent’s Rob Gray in Gents recurve. In Ladies Recurve Charlie Birch of Oxford beat Amy Curnock of Trent on golds, with Nottingham’s Sophie Goodwin in third.

Warwick’s Aurelien Servatius won on golds from Notingham’s Samuel Giles whilst Oxford’s Gerald Gan rounded out the podium in gents novice recurve. In Novice ladies recurve Charlotte Rossetti(Notts) finished 11 points clear of Rheanna Hall(Oxford) who finished comfortably ahead of Katrina Miller (Notts).

Warwick’s Matt Dale took a comfortable win in Compound whilst Tom Fox of Nottingham was uncontested in Longbow. Nottingham’s Scott Bryers finished ahead of the Trent trio of Octavia Quinn, James Bush and Sam Kapadia.

Meanwhile at Loughborough, Birmingham’s Alex Morell took gold ahead of the tied Cambridge pair of Rob Littlechild and Tak Ho in gents recurve. In Ladies recurve Maryia Karpiyevich (Cambridge) won from Lboro’s Sarah Warner and Brum’s Katie Wood.

In the novice categories Birmingham’s David Jennings won by 7 golds from Cambridge’s Alex Chan, with James Green from Derby in third. Catherine Jackson (Birmingham) stormed ahead of Alexandra Brady (Loughborough) whilst Elissa Fleeming (Birmingham) finished third.

Derby took the first two places in Compound with Will Davis and Neira Miljkovic respectively, a stunning performance from Loughborough’s Harry Charlton put the novice third.

Jake Morris (Derby) finished ahead of Novice, Ian White (Lboro) in Longbow.

Loughborough were uncontested in Barebow with Harry Dean-Lofthouse finishing ahead of Sam Thomas and Henry Bardet (Novice)

Warwick and Birmingham expanded their leads at the top of the Experienced and Novice leagues, respectively.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 April 2015 )
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