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Monday, 25 November 2013
New Record!

We're only two legs in and we've already had three new league records along with plenty of drama in the team competitions.

At Birmingham, Tak Ho (Cambridge) won the Gents Recurve category with a score of 569, while all the Ladies Recurve medals were won by Trent - Ellie Dyson scoring 568, followed by Steph Reynolds and Amy Curnock on 567. The novice golds were won by Davi Simmons (Derby, 519) and Sandra Bruderer (Birmingham, 492). Matt Reeve (Derby, 393) won the longbow competiton, with Neira Miljkovic (Derby, 545) being the compound category and Octavia Quinn (switching from Derby to Trent, 450) winning the barebow gold.

The following day at Loughborough, Jorge Lindle shot 571 to win the Gents Recurve Gold and Kristie (KIRSTIE) Smith  won the Ladies Recurve gold with 565. The novice gents medals were won by the Loughborough trio of Philip Muhh (497), Samuel Davies (496) and Muhammad Amin (492), with Lea Krueger winning the ladies novice gold with a score of 447. Matt Dale (Warwick, 569) won his second compound gold medal of the season and Harry Dean Lofthouse (Loughborough, 474) won the barebow category. Luke Rieman (Warwick) shot the score of the day with a 464 to win the longbow gold while also claiming the first ever longbow Gold BUTTS Badge and setting a new league record.

The teams were once again very interesting. The top three novice teams remained unchanged, with Loughborough, Birmingham and Derby securing their places at the top of the table. Everything changed in the experienced league, however. Derby slipped from first to fourth, Loughborough from third to last and Oxford from fourth to seventh. Trent scored 2258 to win their first ever BUTTS leg and Warwick emerged from the chaos at the top of the table.

More to come after Christmas... 

Birmingham Loughborough


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