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Tuesday, 12 November 2013
New Season Underway

The 2013/14 BUTTS League season started this weekend, with legs at Nottingham and Oxford.

 At Nottingham, the top scores came from Derby's Tom Currall and Shaun Rhodes, who shot 580 and 579. Curtis Tatner of Loughborough also earned his gold badge with a 576. Steph Reynolds led a Trent trio in the Ladies Recurve category with 562. The top novices were Derby's Davi Simmons with 511 and Nottingham's Lizzie Elmer with 423.

Rebecca Blewitt of Nottingham set the first new league record of the season, with a compound score of 573.  Katharine Simmons of Loughborough also set a new league record, smashing the old longbow record of 313 with a score of 386. John Hodgson (Loughborough) shot 525 to win the barebow category.

Meanwhile in Oxford, Alex Smith (Oxford) top scored in the Gents Recurve category with 573, beating Warwick's Jorge Lindley (561) and Tom Hall and Enrik Nako (560-60-26). Maddie Meatyard (Warwick) won the Ladies Recurve with 562 ahead of Maryia Karpiyevich (Cambridge) and Sarah Russell (Birmingham). The top novices were Jack Cane (Oxford) with 473 and Francis Berti (Birmingham) with 453 Lea Krueger (Warwick) with 435.

Warwick's Matt Dale became the first person to ever win a Gold BUTTS Badge in two different bow styles, shooting 579 to win compound gold. Jake Bellamy (Warwick) won the barebow category with 514.

In the novice team competition, Loughborough beat Birmingham at the top of the table. In the experienced competition, Derby didn't come last. They won! They actually won a BUTTS leg for the first time ever, beating Warwick and Loughborough with a score of 2246 to 2244 and 2241 respectively.

It's going to be an exciting season!

Oxford Results
Nottingham Results

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