The League

There are currently eight members of the BUTTS Challenge League:

New for the 2015/16 season the BUTTS League will be expanding to incorporate a 2nd Division. The league is delighted to welcome:

Each University is required to host a leg of the competition, allowing at least 8 archers from each University to shoot. Often shot in two or three session across the day, each team shoots a Portsmouth Round (5 dozen at 20yrds). The competition is split into novice and experienced teams, and a team in each category is made of the top four archers from a given University, combining their scores to give a total score for that University. 

League points are awarded across two complementary legs, the highest team score gains 8 points in the overall league, 7 for the next and so on to 1 point for the University unfortunate enough to come 8th. Failing to turn up to a league match results in an automatic score of zero. 

Awards are also handed out for individual scores too, but these are restricted to solitary legs of the competition, and have no effect on the overall standings within the League Competition.

In the final calculation of the League scores, the scores from the BUTTS Indoor Championship is also taken into account (this time with 8 points being awarded for 1st place etc..). The Experienced and Novice teams with the highest leagues scores at the end of the season are awarded the League trophies and names League Champs for that year.

Normally we have two legs in the first term, two in the second, and the club championship around the end of term 2. This system for BUTTS fits in nicely, with allowing people time to attend, but also competitive practise for the bigger national competitions of the year, BUTC and Indoor and Outdoor BUCS. 

Most of the organisation is up to the University itself, but the BUTTS Organiser helps with coordinating dates for the competition. It is also the Organisers responsibility to buy the medals for every competitions, and collate the results afterwards. Basically, the BUTTS Organiser is your first port of call with any problems or queries you might have.

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