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Monday, 27 June 2011

GNAS Midsummer Tournament Invaded by Students

The weekend of the 25th-26th June hosted the Midsummer Team Tournament at Lilleshall. There was strong representation from many student teams; even if a few of the archers many have left university one or two (or ten) years ago. Teams being represented from the BUTTS league were Loughborough, Cambridge, Nottingham and Birmingham. In addition there were teams from Edinburgh and a Welsh team made up of Swansea and Bath archers with the inventive team name “Get SWWUD”. (Click below to read more)

The competition comprised of a team qualification of a 70m FITA. The teams were ranked and given a generous handicap for a team head-to-head at 70m. The teams comprised of four archers given 2 minutes 40 seconds to shoot 2 arrows each, only allowing 20 seconds per arrow. The shining star of the head-to-head event was the Tipsy Toxos made up mainly of ex-Lufbra, qualifying last they were given a significant handicap which took them though to the final and gaining second place. The team round also incorporated a fancy dress competition, with some teams dressed as pirates, telly tubbies and even the yellow Simpsons family. The Tipsy Toxos choose to wear pink with pink feathers in their hair, which was a beautify sight of the Lufbra Alumni Phil Middleton. The team competitions results were taken from a combination of the 70m FITA scores from the Saturday and Sunday, and the head-to-head results. A team made from Edinburgh past and present won the team recurve division over all. The Edinburgh University Alumni Archery Club came third in the compound division.

The Sunday also incorporated the Third Leg of the UK National Series head-to head. Universities again showed some big competitors. Current students George Harding (Nottingham) and Jenny Jepson (Edinburgh) reached the last 16; Laura Bell (Nottingham) Eric Rowbotham (Edinburgh) reached the last 32. With so many team (at least 8) made up from current or alumni still involved with university teams we are really showing our strength on the national stage to show what an opportunity university archery can be for talent.

I would encourage other teams to enter this event and similar competitions throughout the year. It is great to see the Universities well represented at local shoots and FITA Stars so drag your team along and encourage them to raise the level of university archery.


Full Results on the Archery GB page here
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