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Sunday, 30 January 2011


BUTTS Leg 3!

Again an interesting leg as Nottingham take first position with both teams on equal leg points with Warwick, Nottingham only leading on Aggregate points. George Harding has broken the Gents Recurve Record with 592, beating the previous record set in 1996. With the second and third expericed teams only separated by 1 point and fifth and sixth by 2 points, the middle of the league is the closest in years. Cambridge BUTTS Gents recurve has all three medals given for the same score, only separated on Hits and Golds.


 (Loughborough Novice Team Result Corrected from Nottingham)

Cambridge Results
Nottingham Results
Full Team Results

Nottingham - 2283
Warwick - 2236
Oxford -2235
Cambridge - 2181
Loughborough - 2157
Birmingham -2155
Notts Trent - 2039
Derby -1818

Nottingham -1965
Loughborough - 1951
Oxford - 1917
Birmingham - 1900
Notts Trent -1896
Warwick - 1891
Cambridge - 1758
Derby - 1620

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