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Friday, 24 September 2010


Rules of the BUTTS League      

Updated 31/01/2013


The Competition

1.      The name of the competition will be the Birmingham University Toxophily and Toucan Society Challenge Trophy, herein referred to as "BUTTS".

2.      Administration for the League will be done by the BUTTS League Organiser, who shall be elected each year at the BUTTS AGM. They must be a registered student in the year they hold the position.

3.      The competition shall be contested between the BUTTS clubs, teams from the universities of Birmingham, Cambridge, Derby, Loughborough, Nottingham, Oxford, Nottingham Trent and Warwick.

4.      The entry of any new teams into the league must be agreed by all current Club Captains well in advance of the start of that year’s league.

5.      Each university must initially have an equal share of the available places at each leg and the Championships, a minimum quota of 8 archers per university.

6.      The BUTTS organiser will levy a charge for all medals and the cost of the Indoor and Outdoor Championships to each competing university at the start of the season.

7.      All shooting, except where otherwise specified, will be shot in accordance with the current GNAS Rules of Shooting. The GNAS Dress Code does not apply, but team colours are encouraged. All shooting will be done in timed ends, but each archer will receive a warning on the first occasion they exceed the time.

8.      The team scores for the Challenge Trophy will be made up of the highest four non-compound scores from each university in attendance. The team scores for the Novice Challenge Trophy will be made up of the highest four novice non-compound scores from each university present.  To be eligible for the team scores an archer must also be eligible for BUCS.

9.      Guests of competing universities will be allowed to shoot at the discretion of the organising club (who may decide to levy a charge on these guests) and the BUTTS organiser. They may not count toward any team scores, but they can compete for individual medals if they are a current student at a university which does not belong to any regional league. Archers from BUTTS Clubs in attendance at a leg their club is not scheduled to compete at are ineligible for medals.  Guest must be able to provide proof of Archery GB membership.

10. All archers (including guests) are eligible for BUTTS badges as long as they shoot the required score and pay the correct price for the badge.

11.  A "Novice" is a person who has not shot (except "have-a-goes"/summer camps etc) before September of the current academic year, and has not previously held insurance with an archery governing body.

12.  The rules listed here can only be changed by consensus of all club captains within the league and the BUTTS Organiser. A request for a change of rules can be put in by any member club at any time.


13.  Each of the competing universities will host a Portsmouth round (at their own expense), on a date agreed between them and the BUTTS Organiser, giving at least two weeks’ notice of the event. All competitions must fall within the combined term times of all competing universities. Legs can be held outside of the combined term times with the agreement the competing universities for that leg, and the BUTTS Organiser. The host club will always shoot at their own leg.

14.  There will be seven categories in which prizes will be awarded: Gentleman Recurve, Lady Recurve, Novice Gentleman Recurve, Novice Lady Recurve, Compound, Barebow and Longbow.

15.  There will be 4 ‘complementary legs’ per year, with 4 teams at one venue and 4 at another venue. These are preferably to be held on the same day, otherwise at the closest possible date.

16.  At each venue medals will be awarded for the following classes: Recurve Gents, Recurve Ladies, Recurve Novice Gents, Recurve Novice Ladies, All Compound, All Barebow and All Longbow. If the are 1 to 3 archers in a class only gold will be awarded; if there are 4 or 5 archers gold and silver will be awarded; if there are 6 or more arcehers gold, silver and bronze will be awarded.

17.  Points will be awarded for each ‘complementary leg’ for team positions: 1st - 8 pts, 2nd - 7 pts, 3rd - 6 pts, 4th – 5pts, 5th – 4pts, 6th - 3pts, 7rd - 2pts, 8th – 1pt. Position is decided upon by total score, if tied then by total hits and then total gold. If a team does not attend a leg, they will receive no points.


18.  All BUTTS clubs are entitled to attend the Indoor Championship. The Indoor Championship should be scheduled to take place after all other league legs have already taken place.

19.  Medals will be awarded in the same way as a leg for the Indoor Championships. For the Outdoor Championships Gents, Ladies and Novices will compete in different classes for Longbow, Compound and Barebow.

20.  Points will be awarded at the Indoor Championship for team positions: 1st – 8 pts down to 8th- 1pt. Position is decided upon by total score, if tied then by total hits and then total gold. If a team does not attend the Championship, they will receive no points.

21.  The Challenge Trophy will be awarded to the team who after the indoor championships has the greatest number of points. The Novice Challenge Trophy will be awarded in the same way. In the event of a tie the aggregate team score from each round will be added together to find a winner. In the event of this being the same the clubs contesting the Challenge Trophy must nominate four representatives who must down a pint consecutively. The winners of the Challenge Trophy will be the team who does this the fastest!

22.  An Outdoor Championship will run independently of the rest of the league, contributing no points towards the Challenge or Novice Challenge Trophy. Awards for the Outdoor Championship will be announced on the day.

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