Official Boat Race Rules

  1. A Boat Race team may be made up of at most 4 members.
  2. Each member must consume a pint or half pint of their preferred beverage.
  3. A total of 4 pints of beverage must be consumed by the team.
  4. At least one member of each team must consume an alcoholic beverage.
  5. The team should line up in a straight line, one behind the other.
  6. The glass containing the beverage should NOT be touching the lips of any team member before they are officially cleared to drink.
  7. An adjudicator will be appointed before the boat race. They will act as judgement on any decisions or rules.
  8. The adjudicator holds the right to request a top up of any beverage they deem to not be filled to a full pint/half pint measure. If such a request cannot be fulfilled, they have the right to fill the remainder with any beverage they have to hand.
  9. The race will begin on the word drink from a count of “3… 2… 1… drink” from the adjudicator of the race
  10. On commencement of the race, the member of the team at the front of the queue must begin to drink their beverage. Once they have finished, they must place the empty pint glass upside down on their head, and then sit on the floor. Once they are sat on the floor, the next team mate in the queue may begin to consume, and so on… until all members of the team are seated.
  11. Beverages must only be consumed in pint measures or half pint measures.
  12. If one member of a team is consuming more than 1 pint, they must consume the first pint, put the glass on their head, sit on the floor, and once the next person in the queue has started, they must go to the back of the queue and wait in line to do the next quantity.
  13. The winning team is the fastest team to consume all of their beverages and be sat on the floor.
  14. Any “kamikaze-ing” will result in an immediate disqualification from being able to win the trophy.
  15. A “kamikaze” is defined as any process which results in beverage being disposed of in a way that is not direct consumption by a team member, or any beverage being contained in the pint glass while it is placed upside down on the head of a team member.
  16. Any behaviour which is contrary to the license or policy of the establishment where the boat race is being held will result in an instant disqualification.
  17. Interference in the progress of another team will result in an instant disqualification.
  18. Failure to place the empty pint glass upside down on a head or to sit down, by a team member will result in the disqualification of that team.
  19. Before the boat race, an official videographer will be named. In the result of any controversy, a video replay can be asked for by any participating teams.
  20. The Captain of the reigning championship team may choose to consume his beverage out of the trophy if he so wishes.
  21. There may be only one 'ringer' in each team, a person who has not competed in that days competition.
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