Update 21/03/08 E-mail
Friday, 21 March 2008

Calendar Update

Calendar has been updated with provisional dates for all competitions this term including

  • BUTTS Outdoor Championship - St George/Albian/Windsor, open to all BUTTS Clubs; details to follow as soon facilities are confirmed
  • Inter-League H2H - 70m Qualification Round followed by Team and Individual head-to-head matches. Team of 3 Male Recurves, 3 Female Recurves, and 3 Compounds from the BUTTS League; for more info contact Alex Stuart.
  • BUTTS Friendly - Same format as last year, with random mixed teams, followed by team head-to-head at 60m. All friends of the league invited; contact Alex if you have suggestion of who to invite.
  • BUSA Outdoor Championship - The Big One; a full FITA for all the outdoor marbles.

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