Update 04/02/07
Monday, 04 February 2008

EDIT: Derby BUTTS now confirmed also.  



Birmingham Results

Warwick continue their domination this weekend, breaking the Team Record that they set just the day before, toppig it with a 2290! Oxford chase with their first 2200 since Nottingham last year to claim second; Loughborough 3rd, and Birmingham last.

Novice teams finish in order Birmingham, Warwick, Oxford, Loughborough leaving the race to catch Cambridge wide open.

Three records broken at this leg; making this the momentus weekend in BUTTS History. New Longbow record set by Thomas Cram, who beat the previous record by a single hit. As mention Warwick beat their Team Record, and Michelle Huang again beat her Novice Recurve Record from the day before with a 549. Those two will go down as the shorted lived records in BUTTS HIstory.

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