Update 26/11/07
Monday, 26 November 2007

Loughborough Results!


Momentus BUTTS Leg took place this last Saturday, being the FIRST EVER BUTTS Leg which did not play host to a Toucan Ceremony or Mars Bar award!

Cambridge's Experienced Team lead is cut down to only a single point by another strong victory by Warwick. Experienced Teams were close fought though, with 4th place Loughborough putting in a score that was higher than 2nd Place at Warwick BUTTS and 3rd Place at Nottingham.

Novice Teams once again dominated by Cambridge, but Nottingham put in a strong 2nd place that put them in good stead for next term.

Top of Male pack was close with 3rd place being decided on golds; this leg also saw the return of Loughborough's compounds and their dominance of any competition.

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