Update 15/08/07 E-mail
Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Start of New Season Info

The site has been updated with relevant information for the start of next season. Most of the site has been tweaked to include Derby, but 3 areas you should definitely be aware of are:


1) The Proposed New Rules

 Please look over these and e-mail me about any changes you think there should be; I have e-mail each club about this but only had one reply. These are not finalised yet.

2) Calendar

Including BUTTS Combined Term Dates and tentative schedule of BUTTS Legs.

3) Schedule of Attendance

Basically who will be attending which legs.


Any problems, you know how to e-mail me. Also contact me if you notice anything else that needs altering on the site. You should be getting an e-mail tomorrow highlighting a lot of this stuff.


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