Update 17/11/06
Below is a note from Rhys from Nottingham relating to the Nottingham BUTTS Leg in a week or so. See you all there:


Hi there

Teams of 16 people split across 3 sessions:
9:30-12:00: Notts and lboro
12:00-14:30: Oxford and cambridge
14:30-17:00: Warwick and B'ham

Could you forward this on to everyone and let them know that we will be
headed to exchange bar and grill in nottingham.
They mostly do american style food, burgers, steaks etc. Prices ranging from
£8-£16 good cocktails too :)
We need to know soonish who is planning on coming, so far only Warwick has

The downstairs practise room, next to our sports hall is in use through most
of the day so clubs will have to wait/set up upstairs by the bar whilst the
other clubs finish i'm afraid.

Please send list of entrants to: and myself
Let me and know if you're up for a meal afterwards.


Rhys Rhodes

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