Archery Etiquette

Taken From The Grand National Archery Society Handbook

A Good Archer:

  • Does not talk in a loud voice when others are shooting.
  • Does not talk to another archer who obviously prefers to be silent.
  • Does not make any exclamation on the shooting line which might startle another archer who is in the act of shooting.
  • Does not go behind the target to retrieve his/her arrows before his scores have been recorded.
  • Does not walk up and down the shooting line comparing scores.
  • Does not touch anyone else’s equipment without permission.
  • Does not leave litter.
  • When calling scores, does so in groups of three. For example, “7-7-5” pause “5-3-1”
  • If he/she breaks another’s arrow through carelessness, pays for it in cash on the spot.
  • Thanks the Target Captain at the end of the round for recording the scores.

Challenge Trophies

Most Challenge Trophies are valuable and irreplaceable. The holder is responsible for them while in his/her possession and for their return at the appropriate time in a clean and fit condition for presentation, and with any engravings carried out.

Other Good Manners

These are not listed in the GNAS handbook, but are considered good practise among archers within the BUTTS League.

  • Always thank the Field Captain at the end of a shoot.
  • Do not approach or leave the shooting line if an adjacent archer is at full draw during a shot.
  • If there is only one other person left shooting on the line after you, remain on the line until they have finished shooting, unless that have requested you not to do so.
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